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A little about Williams Maple Farm

Blue Ribbon Maple - Williams Family

The beginning of our maple operation really began as a boyhood dream of mine (Kevin Williams) After working for a neighbor farm helping them hang buckets and collect sap for boiling into syrup I was so intrigued with the process that I wanted to have our own maple operation on our farm. It took almost no effort to convince my parents Robert and Lucille to build our own sugarhouse and start making maple syrup from our own trees in 1976.

Its really been a family farm over the years with Rob and Lucille at the helm in the early years. My wife Debbie and I got married in 1981 and she joined in helping us in the sugarhouse during the season and also helps with sales, as we currently run the farm. My brother Ken since retiring from postal work also helps out with various aspects of the operation. His son Keith when growing up enjoyed helping us out even learning the art of boiling. Debbie and I have two children Reuben our son and Whitney our daughter who were always willing to help out as they were growing up. As an adult Reuben is a very intricate part of all aspects of the business. We are excited and hopeful that our grandchildren Josiah and Tatyana will also enjoy growing up around and helping in our Maple Farm.


In the beginning Lucille learned how to make homemade Maple fudge, cream and Maple sugar candy, which we offered for sale along with our syrup at the farmat farmers markets, mail order and the web. We also in those early years began entering our syrup and products in various fairs and statewide competitions winning many ribbons and awards for the quality of our maple products.

We started with 500 buckets and a small wood fired evaporator growing to 900 buckets then in the 1980's we began modernizing and expanding phasing out buckets and converting to plastic tubing for sap collection This has allowed us to increase our taps to 4000 in Cornwall, trees that we own, and in addition we lease another sugar bush in Orwell with nearly 6000 taps. With nearly 10,000 taps we produce a annual crop of 5,000 gallons of Maple syrup. When we began sugaring , we thought it would just be a fun thing to do, but its really grown into a great business! As the saying goes its in our blood but I think its really in our minds and hearts a way of life we love!